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BoxesLaserpac specialises in the manufacturing of Press Ready tooling for the packaging industry.


LaserFrom Counter Plates to Blanking Systems, we manufacture all tooling components for packaging runs.


Our CAD Department can capture or design your component on your behalf.


Die Boards


All dies are laser cut on our ELCEDE NCP220 1Kw Laser, with a VectoCut Controller with pulsing option. The VectoCut system allows us to precisely control the laser beam in all directions making the pointage highly accurate. Die boards are laser cut out of Birch plywood (12, 15, or 18mm), Clear Perspex (10mm), or Rayform (18mm).

Birch die boards are varnished after laser cutting to seal the wood, and increase lifespan, strength and control dimensional stability in all climates.

Perspex die boards are useful for manual location on small runs.

Laserpac is the sole supplier of Rayform (or Tuff Pac) in South Africa; Rayform is an extremely stable composite which ensures die board accuracy in all climates.





- The acquisition of the Cimline rule processing system made high speed, high quality diemaking a reality in South Africa.

- Laserpac has included the Coilmate to it’s extensive range of automatic Ruling systems.

- Parallel processing means that the cutting/creasing rules for the die can be manufactured while the wood is being burned.

- Every tool manufactured has a ISO9000 spec sheet that accompanies it.

- A spare set of the more complex rules is also sent.

- Individual rules can be easily replaced on site.

- New rules can be ordered by simply quoting the Filename, and rule numbers. These can be processed and sent without the need of the dieboard, thus eliminating high freight charges.
Broached rules eliminate unnecessary rule joins and reduces lips.

- Broaching greatly reduces patch-up times and eliminates natural nicks.


- Improved press speeds – higher output with less labour.

- Reduce patch-up / make readies.

- Improved carton quality.

- Smaller nicks - better stripping and easier blanking (auto and manual).

- On-site dieboard repairs – at the Autoplaten if required.

- Lower wastage.

- Eliminates expensive ‘natural nicks’

- Guaranteed carton repeatability.




When rule is bent, the
cutting edge is stretched
leaving a hollow which
will necessitate extra
patching or overpressure.


When rule is bent,
cutting edge remains
sharp and height
remains undistorted.




When rule is bent,
a significant radius is formed..


When rule is bent,
the cutting edge remains at
a sharp angle, with no curve.



- Laserpac manufactures high quality machined embossing blocks from Brass & Magnesium.

- Blocks are carefully machined with a clearance bevel, relieving extra cutting pressure & eliminating shadow images.

- With the use of ‘Quickfit’ locating system, blocks are easily located each individual carton. This gives instant positioning of each block within a layout.



- Make ready - greatly reduced times.

- Better quality from first sheet.

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