At Laserpac we consider cutting dies to be the staple of our business. Our high quality dies and tooling are precision made to exact customer specifications and ensure our customers enjoy minimized make ready times, maximum machine speeds and supply top quality products to their customers.

Technical Features

  • Laserpac tooling is designed and manufactured according to the customers’ exact requirements and machine suppliers’ specifications.
  • We make use of the latest innovations in die making and design technology.
  • Dies are precision manufactured for optimum press performance.
  • Dies are accurately pre nicked, further reducing valuable make ready time.
  • Dies are rubbered to the highest quality standards with the latest high speed rubber.
  • Laserpac multi layered dies ensure longer lifespan and higher stability.
  • Precision ruling ensures quickest possible make ready times with no de-lamination.
  • Ensure a cleaner stripping action with no natural nicks carton deformation.
  • Our reduced number of rule joints ensures the cleanest and most accurate cut possible.